Astronomy Picture of the Day

You need to add this site to your list of favorites and visit every day.  The pictures are often astonishing, and for a non-technical person like me the information at the bottom of each display provides enough ammo to sit at the "science table" and not sound like a complete idiot.

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My point of view

Many try, few succeed, but what’s a man’s worth if he doesn’t try?  I have enjoyed exploring the world of blogs, have learned that there are a lot of very bright people that have a lot on their minds, and understand that there is a lot of information to be discovered.  I do not know the direction my effort will take, and suspect that the course will wander periodically, but my intent is to gather the info that piques my interest, provide the links for any readers, and add my thoughts when moved to comment.  My interests are wide, vary in intensity over time, and they give me pleasure as I explore the universe of information and opinion.  Perhaps I can contribute to your interest as many have contributed to mine.

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